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Update pivot columns of an Interactive Grid?

britoo95 Member Posts: 21 Red Ribbon

Hello guys,

I'm developing a page with an IG report that can be updated by the user.

My query is giving me the correct information but the problem is that I want to update the pivot columns (more than one) and I don't how to get the keys to update the right table.

I've noticed the Save interactive grid process has a type target which I can set to PL/SQL and reference the coluns like :COLUMN however I don't know how it helps in my case.

The structure is this:


id_emp          |       |id_cert_emp                         |

name             |       |id_emp                                 |  

                              |date_cert                              |    

                              |id_certificate                         |

I've created an example at oracle apex online:

workspace: PIVOT_REPORT

user: visit

password: visit123

If know of any workarounds it would be very helpful too.

Thanks for your time.