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Node-oracledb 5.0 adds Nested Cursors, Database Startup, and Prefetch Tuning

Christopher Jones-Oracle
Christopher Jones-Oracle Member Posts: 1,648 Employee

The node-oracledb 5.0 release introduces a new initialization function to let your Windows and macOS apps directly set which Oracle Client libraries to use without requiring external configuration.  This helps you automate installation on Windows and macOS, and makes it easier to distribute applications to users.

Also introduced is tunable prefetching for query fetches, giving increased scalability to applications by further allowing the round-trips between node-oracledb and the database to be optimized.

Support for nested cursors has finally arrived.

New database startup and shutdown functions allow simple and flexible control over the database.

There are other changes and some bug fixes too.

The release announcement is at:

The full changelog is at: