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JDK-8205404 OverlappingFileLockException taking second lock using OS X with ExFAT/MS-DOS


this bug is resolved as 'Won't fix', i.e. not to be resolved. However, it is extremely annoying. I here mention only two of the many annoying cases:

  1. ElasticSearch bug
  2. Imagine that because you have not much free space left on your mac's HDD/SDD you set your `netbeans_default_userdir` and `netbeans_default_cachedir` to a location in an external HDD using either exFAT or NTFS. You see this error even when e.g. you try to create a new NetBeans module project! It is very annoying.

Unfortunately, it seems that OpenJDK  JIRA is only for OpenJDK developers. So, how can I vote to reopen the bug?

Thank you for any feedback.

Kind regards,