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19.2 - How to create mixed mobile/desktop app

Tomek Member Posts: 225 Bronze Badge

As I understand as of 19.2 the "mobile" user interface theme si not available and all mobile development may happen using the Universal Theme. This is great, however, I trying to find some examples of how to build mixed mobile/desktop application.

I already have full blown Desktop application and I just want to add one or two pages to it that will be ONLY available from a mobile platform. None of the other pages should NOT be accessible via mobile platform, only desktop (as it is as of now). In the past that was easily accomplished with defining 2 different user interfaces. No anymore though. I've been searching for the documentation but all what I can fined about the subject references 18.1 which is very different in this aspect compering to 19.2.

Does anyone can point me to an example or white paper that explain the correct approach? Here what needs to happen:

  • login must determine if it is mobile or desktop
  • only specific pages can be available on mobile platform
  • desktop pages will render not nicely on mobile and provide more in depth functionality which should be only available from full size/desktop interface