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Oracle linked server mixing up result values

Arjan van Vugt
Arjan van Vugt Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
edited Aug 17, 2020 9:31AM in Oracle Provider for OLE DB

Hi all,

I am having a very strange issue when using Oracle linked servers on SQL Server based on the Oracle Ole DB Provider.

Whenever I retrieve somewhere around 500-600+ rows and large binary data or large text fields (CLOB) are included the returned rows are getting mixed up: meaning the column value actually belongs to a different row! I have been able to reproduce this issue starting from Oracle driver 12c Release 2 ( all the way up to the latest available OLE db driver release. The last version working correctly is 12c Release 1 (

In the attached image you can see the issue, both queries should return the same value, however when I put the condition on the SQL server side of the openquery retrieving all rows from Oracle, the value is different. The description shown actually belongs to a different row (thenumber) in the table.
I was wondering if someone maybe encountered this issue also, and if perhaps some driver setting will fix it? Or some other workaround instead of using the old driver version?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Oracle linked server - description.png