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Ruelgnoj Member Posts: 1
edited Jul 14, 2020 12:11PM in ODBC

I have an ODBC issue with the Oracle InstantClient 19.6. I wonder if this might be an appropriate place to report it. My code works fine with InstantClient 18.5.

I have a table with some records in it and I create a prepared statement with a SELECT in it. I am expecting multiple results. I am setting SQL_ATTR_ROW_ARRAY_SIZE to a number greater than 1. So, for example, setting it to 3.

The statement execution correctly tells me the number of rows. When I issue an SQLFetchScroll, it tells me a number of records that it has gotten - in my example here, this is 3.

However, when I actually look at the data, I seem to get the data for the first record twice, followed by the second record. At that point, I do another fetch, and it returns the next record twice, and then the one after.

To make this clear ... if there are records A,B,C,D,E,F, then in the first fetch I get A,A,B, the second fetch gets D,D,E.

As I said,my coping works correctly with 18.5 and not with 19.6.

Has anyone heard of such an issue. If not, I can produce a reproduce if necessary, but would rather not if it is a known issue.

I am running on Centos7.

Tanks to anyone for any help they can give.