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App Java payment

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edited Jul 20, 2020 9:08AM in Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Using "Eclipse" I developed a Java app that I would like to sell through an e-commerce site that I am creating for the occasion.

I UNINSTALLED Java from my computer and then re-installed the JDK and JRE on my Windows 10 computer again, I attach the image of the outputs of "java -version" and "javac -version".

They told me that some versions of Java 6 are paid, is Java 5 paid?

I attach the image of the Eclipse window with compilation set for Java 5; the JDK is set to 1.5 (correct me if I'm wrong) but the JRE is set to version 13, is everything in order?

Please take note of the last three lines of the window:

"When selecting 1.5 compliance, make sure to have a compatible JRE installed and activated (currently 13).

Configure the 'Installed JREs' and 'Execution Environments', or change the JRE on the 'Java Build Path' ".

Everything is alright?

Customers who buy my app must necessarily download the LATEST version of the JRE available from the Internet.

Is the latest version of the JRE paid?


Versioni Java.pngJDK 1.5 - JRE 13.png