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How to stop ... my company is planning to come out of Oracle, please assist/advise.

User_VLOJA Member Posts: 20 Red Ribbon
edited Aug 3, 2020 11:44AM in Database Upgrade

Hello all,

Yes this correct, my company is thinking & planning to come out of Oracle databases (12c, 18c & 19c - RAC & standalone databases), where as we, the team doesn't want this to happened, because none of the databases out there, can't compete what Oracle databases are offering, and the reason is only the price

Please assist, advise, guide & help, how can I prepare a strong case, sharing all the facts and figures, using our current/existing databases and then comparing with PostgreSql (strong candidate) MySql & Sql Server.

Please your help, assistance & guidance will be highly appreciated and admired, can you contact me directly too via info<at>thePT<dot>com.

Thanks in advance & very best regards.




  • Sunny kichloo
    Sunny kichloo Member Posts: 2,459 Gold Trophy
    edited Jul 30, 2020 4:30AM

    What type of application uses this databases?

    Also what i saw with respect to other database vendor is that not many of them have capabilities which Oracle RAC provides.So if your business demand such kind of usecase you can pitch Oracle database more strongly.

    If for some database cost is major factor you can obviously switch to lower version of Oracle i.e Standard edition instead of Enterprise.

    Also you can add up point with respect to training existing resources on this new databases + Migration Efforts.

    If RDBMS system is needed by your organization you can easily pitch Oracle based on above mentioned points.

  • User_VLOJA
    User_VLOJA Member Posts: 20 Red Ribbon
    edited Aug 3, 2020 11:44AM

    Thanks Sunny kichloo much appreciated, basically got to come up with some facts & figures; real data according to our environment, applications & situations and for that looking towards Oracle.

    Need some guidelines, some points only, what should be the best course of action, to handle this situation in the best possible manner?

    For example; RAC is a point, check & compare what other vendors (Postgres, MySql & Sql Server) have to offer and exactly on the same lines, need some more very strong points to defend.

    Please guys share any thoughts, suggestions, ideas ... what else should I cover in my matrix, in order to defend Oracle in the most strongest & best possible way.