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Error in .ore.odm.chk.dbver() : DB version 19.0 is not supported

Penny Cookson
Penny Cookson Member Posts: 12 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 9, 2020 12:04PM in R Technologies


We are evaluating Oracle R In a proof of concept R environment:

Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production Version

MS Windows server on Azure.

Connection is to a Pluggable database.

Oracle Distribution of R version 3.3.0 (2016-05-03)

ORE odm version 1.5.1

A number of the ore.odm functions result in the error:

Error in .ore.odm.chk.dbver() : DB version 19.0 is not supported

see examples below

Can you tell me whether this is expected, and if so when a version of the packages that works with DB 19 will be available, will this work with the Oracle R 3.6.1 release coming soon?

and if it is not expected is there something obvious we have done wrong?


Penny Cookson


data(titanic3, package = "PASWR")

t3 <- ore.push(titanic3)

t3$survived <- ifelse(t3$survived ==1, "Yes", "No")

n.rows <- nrow(t3)

set.seed(seed = 6218945)

random.sample <- sample(1:n.rows,


t3.train <- t3[random.sample,]

t3.test <- t3[setdiff(1:n.rows, random.sample),]

priors <- data.frame(

TARGET_VALUE = c("Yes","no"),

PRIOR_PROBABILITY = c(0.1, 0.9))

nb <- ore.odmNB(survived ~ pclass + sex + age + fare + embarked,

                t3.train, class.priors = priors)

Error in .ore.odm.chk.dbver() : DB version 19.0 is not supported

Example 2:


or.dAI>   IRIS <- ore.push(iris)

or.dAI>   ore.odmAI(Species ~ ., IRIS)

Error in .ore.odm.chk.dbver() : DB version 19.0 is not supported

Sherry Lamonica-OracleHasnur Ramadhan