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RU Patching

Jhil Member Posts: 3,181 Bronze Trophy
edited Aug 11, 2020 1:58PM in Database Upgrade

Dear Experts,

We have a test Environment.

GRID Version is 19.3 and DB version is 12.2

Can we apply below one ?   -

Patch 31305339: GI RELEASE UPDATE    - 

Does it leave RDBMS home or  do i need to apply separate RU Patching  for 12.2 $ORACLE_HOME ?


Best Answer

  • mariam.kupa
    mariam.kupa Member Posts: 240 Bronze Badge
    edited Aug 7, 2020 1:14PM Answer ✓

    If GI and RDBM were same version than you could apply the same GI RU on both homes, because GI RU contains DB RU inside.
    So in your case you need two separate RUs: one for GI (19c) and another for RBDMS(12c).