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How to stop initial loading data of an Interactive Grid?

John like many others
John like many others Member Posts: 105 Red Ribbon
edited August 2020 in APEX Discussions


I have a mask with an Interactive Grid taking 15-20 seconds to load. The grid as some popup LOVs (with SQL statements as source, all pretty fast) and one of them seems to be the cause of the slow loading. I assume Apex will execute the SQL behind of the LOVs for EACH row which is of course very inefficient. As the user has a search bar he does not need to see some pre-loaded data in the GRID on starting up the mask. So if it would be possible not to load data into Grid on starting mask that would be great. I already tried to the attribute option "Lazy loading" but that doesn't help at all (no performance improvement). Any other ideas how to avoid loading data on starting up mask?

Thank you in advance for any hint.


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