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Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 Fortran compiler: ieee_arithmetic_semantics: assertion `0' failed

User_IU5F9 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

On Linux (Ubuntu 16.04, kernel 4.4.0-186-generic), I used the Fortran compiler sunf95 from Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 to compile the following Fortran code:

program testieee <br/>use ieee_arithmetic, only : my_nan => ieee_is_nan <br/>implicit none <br/>print *, my_nan(0.0) <br/>end program testieee 

No compiler option was specified. The compilation failed with the following message:

f90comp: ../src/s_intr_mod.c :772 : ieee_arithmetic_semantics: assertion `0' failed. <br/>f90: Fatal error in $PATH_TO_ORACLE_DEVELOPER_STUDIO/OracleDeveloperStudio12.6-linux-x86-bin/developerstudio12.6/lib/compilers/bin/f90comp : Signal number = 6 

However, the following code can be compiled successfully using the same compiler:

program testieee <br/>use ieee_arithmetic, only : ieee_is_nan  ! Here is the only difference. <br/>implicit none <br/>print *, ieee_is_nan(0.0) <br/>end program testieee 

Both versions of the code can be compiled without any problem by gfortran, g95, ifort, nagfor, pgfortran, and absoft fortran compilers.

So why did Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 fail? What does the error message mean? Any comments/criticism on the code will be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Remark: The same question is asked on StackOverflow, but there is no answer yet. I hope someone can answer it here. Many thanks.