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JRE 8. Does "patch-in-place" still exist? I am getting static install when expecting patch-in-plac

Hello, I am updating Java, and found the documentation for JRE7 patch-in-place method for Windows.

JRE 7 Patch-in-Place Doc:

Does this method exist with JRE 8?  I am unable to make the patch-in-place work.  After each patch, the Java Console, Control Panel and Windows Registry all show multiple versions of Java installed.

I am specifically interested in the patch-in-place method advertised in the link above:

Patch-in-Place Installation

The patch-in-place mode implies that when a version of the JRE exists on a machine, any updates belonging to the same JRE family will be done in place, meaning, the existing JRE will be patched with changes. A JRE is installed in patch-in-place mode by default. The default installation directory of a patch-in-place installation is C:/Program Files/Java/jre<n>, where <n> is the Java SE minor version number.

For example, if a user previously installed JRE 7 Update 1 in the default directory C:/Program Files/Java/jre7 directory, and now attempts to install JRE 7 Update 3, the JRE 7 Update 3 installer does not create a new directory. Instead, it updates the preexisting C:/Program Files/Java/jre7 directory with the new 7 Update 3 content. The user is left with JRE 7 Update 3 only. JRE 7 Update 1 no longer exists.

Again, this documentation is for JRE7, and I am wondering if it applies to JRE8, please.

I found a reference to this in the following older release notes for JRE8:

JDK 8u20 Update Release Notes

JRE Installation Directory

Starting with JDK 8u20 release, the JRE will be installed in a version specific directory. For example:

C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_20

The version specific directory naming is intentional and it does not indicate that the JRE install is static.

As with the earlier releases, static JRE install is performed only if STATIC=1 option is passed (via command line or config file) by the user.

This reference in the JRE8 release notes seems to indicate that static and patch-in-place installs are both available. 

I seem to be getting a Static install, where a patch-in-place update is expected.  I am NOT passing "STATIC=1" to the installer (.MSI).

Could someone please tell me if there is something that I am missing to deploy a patch-in-place install?  It doesn't seem to patch-in-place, if I show multilple version of JRE8 installed via Windows Control Panel, Java Control Panel, Registry, etc.  The older versions are not being removed.  Should I be doing something differently?  Any tips or assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

As of now, I have tried installing JRE8u241, and then using the JRE8u251 and JRE8u261 MSIs to patch in place.  I am left with three separate installs of Java.  Thanks.


  • ries
    ries Member Posts: 14 Blue Ribbon


    Ever got this working like it's supposed to?

    I'm facing the same issue.

    I did a fresh install of JRE8 with only the /s option to perform a silent install.

    After that I installed a newer version and it's not updating but installing into a new folder.