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20.02 Layout Font Colors not loaded when loading Model

denzer Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon

Hello, we work with very colorful models in Oracle Designer for 25 years now.

Beeing time to move forward we are trying out the SQL Developer Data Modeler.

I can live with the ER-Diagrams not beeing importet, though it hurts a bit with a 150 Entity-Diagram.

What I can not live with is:

When I format an entity in the logical model and change the background and therefore the font colors, save

and close the model, the font colors are all back to default when I reopen it. Rendering it to completely

non-readable with a dark background.

I took a look into the xml files and the font color information seems to be present, so its "only" the loading

process that dismisses those values.

Is this problem already known ? Will there come an update?

Oh, btw, using classification types could be a way out of this problem, if only there weren't so many different

kinds of entities/tables.

Best regards,

Volker Denzer

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