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Android-based apps for Oracle Mobile (MSCA / MWA)

Evan FleisherEvan Fleisher Posts: 2
edited September 3 in Mobile Application Framework

We just recently upgraded Oracle EBS from 12.1.3 to 12.2.9. We also use Intermec CK-71 and CK-75 versions of the handheld scanner devices, where we use a Telnet version of Oracle Mobile software to perform a variety of material transactions, print labels, complete production, etc. Over the last 5+ years of being on Oracle, we've noticed that the scanners "drop" their connections to Oracle quite frequently, and we've heard stories that it may be due to the old Telnet application we are using as an emulator.

There appears to be 70+ available Android-based applications out there, that claim to be Oracle compatible and can emulate the desktop GUI-based version of Oracle Mobile (MSCA / MWA)...and we are unsure of where to start and which to look at. Does Oracle recommend any of these apps, or can others here chime in with their success using any of these kinds of applications? We've done a fair amount of wireless and network analysis to try and improve the connectivity of these devices to Oracle, with very limited results. Hoping that a change to an Android-based app (on a much more stable, modern platform than the old green screen version) may help solve our problems.


  • lkuchibh-Oraclelkuchibh-Oracle Posts: 9
    edited September 3

    Oracle has released 'Mobile Supply Chain for EBS'  smartphone app couple of years back. This smartphone can be run on Android/iOS smartphones as well as on Android powered RF/Scanner devices. Please let us know if you have evaluated 'Mobile Supply Chain for EBS' app.

  • Evan FleisherEvan Fleisher Posts: 2
    edited September 3

    Ikuchibh-Oracle...thanks for your response!

    My team has attempted to implement the app you speak of.  As mentioned above, we are using an Intermec CK-75 handheld scanner with laser "imager".  I mention this because the device does not have a camera (like a smartphone would), but rather uses this 2D imager laser to read barcodes...and they could not seem to get the app to recognize the laser versus a camera.

    Are we maybe missing something in the device / software set-ups that is keeping this aspect from working properly?  This functionality is KEY for using these type of devices, and if we cannot get it to work, then this app will be useless to us.  Any further advice or guidance is greatly appreciated!

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