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Oracle Workflow Builder - Licensing Terms and Pricing

Hello Workflow Builder was used by our consultants to customize some Expense workflows years ago when we installed Oracle EBS. Now we would like to change some configuration and Workflow Builder is required to do this. It seems to be freely downloadable as an Oracle applications user on the oracle support site, but usage of Oracle software requires full documentation of terms/licensing and management signoff to be prepared for the inevitable audit triggered by using anything Oracle. Does anyone know where the full licensing agreement for Workflow Builder can be found, and what pricing or fees are charged for using it.



  • Jon.W-Oracle
    Jon.W-Oracle Member Posts: 6 Employee

    According to Note 'Does Workflow Builder Builder Require A New License? (Doc ID 2679455.1)', then if you already hold a license to run EBS, then deployment of Workflow Builder will be covered by that license.

  • Jon.W-Oracle
    Jon.W-Oracle Member Posts: 6 Employee

    I obtained further clarification from the Workflow Product Manager in Development, who stated:

    Oracle Workflow Builder is a component of Oracle Workflow. The Oracle Workflow (including Workflow Builder) is available with EBS at no additional cost. It is available as part of EBS ATG foundation products.