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New Java licensing

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edited September 2020 in Java User Groups Discussions

I am confused with the new Java Licensing. We were recently told the following below and talked to someone who said we will have to license java going forward. Is that true?

So if I purchase software from a vendor that requires java, I have to pay a license fee to use this software on my desktop?

  1. 1. January 2019 - Java 8 went End of Public Update (EOPU) in January 2019. The last publicly available update for Java 8 is update 201 & 202. No more public patches and updates will be released for this version. Oracle will be supporting, patching, and updating Java 8 through 2030 for subscription customers.

  Notable Security Patches

: Java 8 - Six non-public Critical Patch Updates have been released since Java 8 went End of Public Updates. Across these updates, 53 known security vulnerabilities have been remediated

  1. September 2018 - Oracle Java 11 released September 25th, 2018.

  1. Starting with Java 11, Oracle’s commercial Java SE binaries, the Oracle JDK/JRE, will follow standard Oracle licensing - free for development and evaluation, but requiring a commercial license for production use.


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