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19C with 12C software installation question

nahunter Member Posts: 7 Blue Ribbon
edited Aug 25, 2020 11:26AM in Database Upgrade

I want to install Oracle 19C on the same server as our current 12.2 installation. Do I have to shut down the current 12.2 databases and processes to install the new version? We will be running both versions for some time.

The documentation for 19C says - "You may have to shut down existing Oracle processes before you start the database installation".…



  • Daniel Overby Hansen-Oracle
    Daniel Overby Hansen-Oracle Posts: 93 Employee
    edited Aug 25, 2020 9:01AM


    If we are just talking about installation of Oracle Database then there is no problem installing any Oracle Home while there are databases or Oracle processes running on the server.

    You can without problems run e.g. 12.2 and 19 databases side by side on a server.

    I actually don't know what the documentation refers to. Will try to find that out.



  • nahunter
    nahunter Member Posts: 7 Blue Ribbon
    edited Aug 25, 2020 10:38AM

    I will be upgrading some of the existing Databases too. I likely will need to shut down that database when it is upgraded I assume.

  • Wesley D-Oracle
    Wesley D-Oracle Posts: 193 Employee
    edited Aug 25, 2020 11:26AM

    There is no need to shutdown a running database simply to install a new Oracle Home into a new location on the same system.

    As for upgrading the Oracle 12.2 DB to 19c, the database has to be up and running for the upgrade.  It is not possible to upgrade a database that is not started.

    For upgrade:

    1 - Install 19c Oracle Home

    2 - Apply latest Quarterly Patches to the 19c Oracle Home

    3 - Ensure 12.2 DB is running from 12.2 Oracle Home in regular "STARTUP" mode

    4 - Validate any invalid Component and SYS/SYSTEM owned Objects in 12.2 DB

    5 - Execute 'dbua' from 19c Oracle Home - <19c OH>/bin/dbua