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Using the fkRole Property

user8021161 Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon

I'm trying to create a model which uses the fkRole property but somehow it's not working. Where this needs to be defined, there is no documentation for the same. I tried to create the same in the relationship object but its not working. I want to create a foreign key with the different name than my identity column. e.g. lets say that the identity column of my parent table is Id I want to create the "Assigned_By_Id" and Assigned_To_Id column in the child table in the relational model. Is it possible to do the same and perform both the forward and reverse engineering. I thought I would define the fkRole in the dynamic properties and create the Column Foreign Key with the following syntax, but finally the FK role is not getting assigned.


Logical Model :


Relational Model :


Please let me know if anyone have faced the issue like this before and if there is any solution for the same.