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Need help pulling current logged in web user's username and groups from iPlanet

I need guidance on writing a simple program to pull data about the current webserver user from iPlanet, specifically the user's username and group affiliations.

Java seems like the best option since iPlanet apparently comes with Java samples, but I'm open to any solution that can pull user details during a request.

iPlanet apparently came with Java sample projects which I don't see in our install, and we no longer have access to install media. Is there somewhere we can view the sample code?

Testing some simple .jsp scripts, the "request" object is recognized but all user methods return null. Is this type of data only available through a .java file, or is it possible java isn't communicating with iPlanet?

I know this request is not well defined. After much trial and error and reading outdated docs, I don't feel like I'm any closer to achieving this seemingly simple task, so I'm hoping someone else has set this up and has an answer at hand.

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