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Rows in Interactive Grid are being cut off after Dialog Closed - Refresh

Cody Reandeau
Cody Reandeau Member Posts: 5 Red Ribbon
edited Sep 8, 2020 6:06PM in APEX Discussions

Hello all,

I'm having an issue with an interactive grid not displaying all rows after it refreshes on a "Dialog Closed" dynamic action.

When the page with the IG initially renders, all rows are displayed just fine. After I edit a row, which links to a modal, click the "Apply Changes" button, the IG refreshes as expected. Though if I scroll down, the amount of records I see stops at a certain point and the rest is white space:


I would like to note that the "Fixed To" attribute is set to "Region" with a Fixed Report Height of 500px and the Pagination Type is set to "Scroll". My team and I do not want it to be Fixed to "Page" (Which, while searching the web, I understand this "fixes" my issue, as I have changed Fixed to to "Page" and can see all rows after the IG refreshes when the modal closes).

Is there a solution to this issue? We do not want to use Pagination Type: "Page" and we do not want to use Fixed to "Page" either. We prefer the Pagination type to "Scroll" and the Fixed to set to "Region".

John Snyders-Oracle

Here is a demo of my issue:

username: demo_test

password: demo_test


I'd like to note that I have tried this on dialog closed:

var model = apex.region("emp_ig").widget().interactiveGrid("getViews").grid.model;


Though this solution does not work for new records.

Best Regards,


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