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Tom McGinn-Oracle
Tom McGinn-Oracle Database Product ManagerPosts: 520 Employee
edited September 2020 in LiveLabs Discussions

LiveLabs is a platform for delivering hands-on workshop and lab content on Oracle's products, both Cloud and on-premises. Give it a try:


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  • User_XPLIB
    User_XPLIB Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

    This site can’t be reached

    The connection was reset.Try:


  • Dan Kingsley-Oracle
    Dan Kingsley-Oracle Member Posts: 1 Employee

    Howdy! There's a lab that mentions Resource Manager entitled "GROMACS Deployment through Resource Manager Workshop". However, when you try to look at the lab guide or run anything, there doesn't seem to be any content at all. I think it's broke. If anyone is ever interested in GROMACS you might want to fix that lab. I'm personally not interested in the lab but I thought I'd let someone know.

    Dan K

  • Abdi-Oracle
    Abdi-Oracle Member Posts: 2 Employee
    edited April 7


    there are multiple references in various workshop to . This site is not available anymore , probably moved to somewhere else.

    As an example in the Lab Workshop for Functions I see the folowing command to retrieve from github:

    curl -LSs | sh which of course fails.

    Could you please update the Lab guides and put the right links ?

    Meanwhile I downloaded the binary from .



  • User_R2P0C
    User_R2P0C Member Posts: 1 Employee
    edited April 7


    Thanks for reaching and helping with labs quality.

    I could not duplicate the error using the command you mentioned. Please send more details to [email protected] or on the github issue I created to investigate.

    Eventually issues will not be tracked on the forum and can go unnoticed. The help section of points to the email. It is a faster way to reach for help.

    Take care,


  • Abdi-Oracle
    Abdi-Oracle Member Posts: 2 Employee

    Hi Orlando,

    Thanks for your quick response. It must have been a temporary issue, as I'm able to access the link now .



  • Quanwen Zhao
    Quanwen Zhao Member Posts: 573 Red Ribbon
    edited May 6

    Hey, the teams of Oracle LiveLabs :-).

    I found there is a very easy to make everybody misunderstanding step (9. Specify the hostname, service_name and ssl_server_cert_dn values you noted earlier, to create a database link. This allows you to copy data from ADW to ATP (in fact, bi-directional).) on "STEP 7: Copy Machine Learning Models between ADW and ATP" in "Lab 3: Migrate ML Model to ATP" on this LiveLab with Machine Learning on Autonomous Database Workshop.



         db_link_name => 'adwlink',

         hostname => '<your ADW host>',

         port => '1522',

         service_name => '<your service name>',

         ssl_server_cert_dn => '<your cert>',

         credential_name => 'adw_db',

         directory_name => 'DATA_PUMP_DIR');



    As you can see the above secion "ssl_server_cert_dn", but my tnsnames.ora seems like this:

    db202104261009_high = (description= (retry_count=20)(retry_delay=3)(address=(protocol=tcps)(port=1522)(",OU=Oracle ADB TOKYO,O=Oracle Corporation,L=Redwood City,ST=California,C=US")))

    You know, the previous value of ssl_server_cert_dn has double quotation mark, so I will directly replace the section <your cert> in the following code to ",OU=Oracle ADB TOKYO,O=Oracle Corporation,L=Redwood City,ST=California,C=US".


    ssl_server_cert_dn => '<your cert>',


    The next step (10. Test the database link by retrieving the date from the remote ADW instance - select sysdate from [email protected];) I'll execute would have reported an error although my previous step is ok - double quotation mark is harmful.

    Please adding a note in the 9. Thank you very much! 😉

    Best Regards

    Quanwen Zhao

  • Quanwen Zhao
    Quanwen Zhao Member Posts: 573 Red Ribbon
    edited May 6

    By the way but yesterday morning lasted for the afternoon why I always encountered this error - "Notebook editor not available. Please contact support."? Whaterver, my ALWAYS FREE tenancy and Reserve Workshop with my oracle account. Could you help me? - the LiveLabs with Machine Learning on Autonomous Database Workshop.

    Also you can read my Twitter message - So weird, afterwards oracle cloud has eventually been self fixed up.

    Best Regards

    Quanwen Zhao

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