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connect/disconnect issue

MagnusJohanssonDBA Member Posts: 146 Bronze Badge

Hello all,

Helping a customer looking into slowness of an application after upgrade from 12.1 to 19c

We have identified and fixed several issues, found one issue in the addm report

This is a batch job running at night.

Finding 1: Session Connect and Disconnect Impact is 4.25 active sessions, 37.83% of total activity. 
Session connect and disconnect calls were consuming significant database time. 
Recommendation 1: Application Analysis Estimated benefit is 4.25 active sessions, 37.83% of total activity.
Action Investigate application logic for possible reduction of connect and disconnect calls.
For example, you might use a connection pool scheme in the middle tier.

Developers are aware of frequent connect/disconnect in the code and will address it.

But it will take some time to fix.

Wondering if setting up shared servers and use them for the batch job could ease the connect/disconnect issue

what do you think ?

anyone having experience of the same ?

Appreciate your comments !

Best Regards

Magnus Johansson