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Clear Text from Search field in PopupLOV

Roxy rollers
Roxy rollers Member Posts: 69 Red Ribbon

I have an Interactive Grid which has a column "SOURCE" that is of Type = "Popup LOV". I have it as Display "Modal Dialog" and Manual Entry is set to "Yes" because I want User to be able to enter the Code for Source if they know it.

Clicking on the LOV Icon, brings up the Modal Popup but the value that was in the Column "SOURCE" already appears in the Search and my results are already narrowed down.

If User needs to see all rows, they will have to clear the Text from the Search and on pressing Enter, will see all the rows.

I have a DA:

Event: Click

Selection Type: Column(s)

Region: Interactive Grid

Column(s): SOURCE

True Action:

Execute JavaScript Code

console.log("Found Selector");$('#PopupLov_2013_source_dlg input').val('');

Affected Elements:

Selection Type: jQuery Selector

jQuery Selector: #PopupLov_2013_source input

I do know that my JQuery Selector is correct because I am able to see my console.log output "Found Selector". However, the Search Text is not cleared. The Search Text gets cleared the second time when invoking the LOV.

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.