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Which best describes you?

NickR2600-Oracle Member Posts: 530 Employee
edited Oct 31, 2017 12:29PM in Java Puzzle Ball

Which best describes you?

Which best describes you? 20 votes

I'm a University or High School student interested in computer science.
quasarmonkeyeaf5d6c7-8108-42d4-b199-da5ef630ff6a 2 votes
I work in Industry or Academia, and looking to better my understanding of Java.
user10270011Alexandra Popa-OracleRyan A Pritchard3555081renatorfl3595128user12063002user8211920 8 votes
I already know how to code, but I'm interested in the game-based learning perspective.
OTG-467455pvvdurgaprasadDanilo Piazzalunga34135923518168daenjelf940fb6c-8198-4de4-976d-d858017630af3595084 8 votes
Other - please leave a comment.
TIM PETCHELtheoriginalMr.x 2 votes


  • I'm a systems administrator who has never coded before, apart from some simple macros and batch files. I'm a novice programmer, and Java is my first real language.

    TIM PETCHEL Member Posts: 13
    Other - please leave a comment.

    I am a pl/sql developer and would like to build on my development knowledge with JAVA

  • OTG-467455
    OTG-467455 Member Posts: 506 Bronze Badge
    I already know how to code, but I'm interested in the game-based learning perspective.

    I have programmed in various programming languages, but recently mostly korn shell scripting, SQL and PL/SQL.   Some time ago I attended a Java course but over the years I have become a little rusty.  This course will help me get back up to speed again.  There are a few advances in Java that I would need to catch up with.   I have never really used Netbeans effectively before so I am looking forward to gleaning a lot of tips and advice.   Nick, I look forward to interacting with you on Netbeans and Java.

  • Teyo
    Teyo Member Posts: 6

    Estudiante ingeniería de sistemas