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C-Level MySQL

Dave Stokes-MySQL Community Team-Oracle
Dave Stokes-MySQL Community Team-Oracle MySQL Community ManagerTexasMember Posts: 350 Employee
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The old adage that time is money does not give any hints about buying more time. A MySQL Enterprise subscription does allow you to purchase time. Your technical staff has to do more with less time than ever before and operational delays add up extremely quickly.  Having the right tools when things go critical means staff can do what they need to do, when they need to do it.

So how does MySQL Enterprise Edition buy you more time?

When things inevitably go wrong, searching for free answers to problems on web sites with many dubious or flat out wrong solutions is a waste of precious time.  Informational websites like are fine sources of general information for researching technical issues but not when mission critical services are degraded or down.  An online recommendation to do what very large Enterprise Company does may not make sense for your company if you are not doing exactly what they are doing, at their scale. Getting the right help at crucial moments gets your business back on track faster.

A MySQL Enterprise Support Contract brings you the best technical support on the MySQL Database products by highly trained Oracle MySQL Engineers. You get the right answers to your questions.

Tools That Really Help

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is included in Enterprise Edition and is the best tool to monitor all your instances and report issues before they escalate.  MEM can make recommendations about your schemas and systems to achieve better performance and provide better understanding of what is really happening to your data. Fixing potential issues before they can blossom is much less expensive.  And you get proactive monitoring to keep on track of you databases instances that will inform your staff how your data is doing letting them concentrate on other issues.

Keeping your data safe is a major concern these days in a world with ever shrinking privacy.  MySQL Enterprise Backup ensures that your data is properly archived in case of accident by staff or hardware failure. Data losses are almost inevitable and you need to be able to quickly restore that data and MySQL Enterprise Backup is designed to do just that.

By default, MySQL 8.0 encrypts data between server and clients with TLS. But to keep your on-disk data safe from prying eyes, it helps to have at rest encryption paired with Oracle Key Vault to manage encryption key. The auditors doing your PCI or GDPR inspections will know Oracle Key Vault from thousands of other customers and will also recognize the Oracle Audit Vault for its deep reporting capabilities.  Enterprise Authentication can mask designated fields from those not authorized to view that data.  And Enterprise Firewall learns the patterns of your Structured Query Language traffic and can block malicious queries before they reach your database server. Outside software bolt-ons to manage your database security can be found but are not integrated to work together for your protection and managing all those desperate pieces is a drain of your staff’s time, often laborious to maintain and can draw unwanted attention from your auditors.

You will receive regular updates of the MySQL Enterprise Software directly from Oracle where the code is written.  It is easy to miss releases of software in the Open Source world and find yourself vulnerable to an exploit in security or missing features in later releases. The vulnerability is identified when the patch is released.


A MySQL Enterprise Subscription allows you and your staff to concentrate on the issues your business is facing.  It provides the tools you need for oversight, management, security, and safety of your critical data and “buys you more time” to work on delivering value to your enterprise.


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