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OHW: topicids broken in nested subhelpsets


We are setting up our OHW system to have nested subhelpsets, e.g. a main helpset file has multiple subhelpsets in hierarchical subdirectories. However, this breaks Topic ID links. I set up the OHW servlet using tomcat on Win2K and copied the Shakespeare and ohguide sample help to the helpsets directory, e.g.


I added the ohguide.hs as a subhelpset of the shakespeare.hs helpset file, e.g.

<subhelpset location="../ohguide/ohguide.hs"/>

The ohguide pages displayed fine, and I could traverse the hard links in the ohguide content without any problems. However, the topic id links such as the one in ohff_tpcfile.html...

this link

causes a "The page cannot be displayed" error. (This link is reached via "Oracle Help File Formats"->"Topic Files"->"Topic ID Links"->"this link".)

Note that this helpset file works fine under OHJ. The only way to get the subhelpset file to work is to have all helpset files in one directory. This approach does not work for our application, as we need helpsets for different areas of the product in separate directories, but they are all referenced by a master helpset.

Is this a known defect in OHW? To us, this is a serious and critical issue that affects many customers traversing the links. Is there any workaround that would allow us to have subdirectories of helpsets? What does the optional parameter "class" in the <subhelpset> element do? Would it have any effect on this problem?



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