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100% CPU Utilization defect in OHJ

I've found a situation using Oracle Help for Java that causes 100% CPU utilitization on Windows 2000. I'm using OHJ release 4.1.12. I've written a Java sample application that displays the NavigatorWindow. Using the Shakespeare sample help, opening up the contents to show an individual selection (e.g. Selected Passages -> Quotes from Hamlet -> Act 5) causes my sample application to eat 100% of the CPU (as seen in the task manager.) The cursor flashes as well. If I select either the Index or Search pages, then CPU utilization goes back to normal until I select the Contents page once more. Only after closing up that branch and going through another bramch (e.g. A Few Sonnets) does this behavior go away. After opening up a different tree, CPU utilization remains normal without any further spikes.

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround? Can this be submitted as an OHJ defect? I'd be happy to provide my sample application.


Elizabeth Dyer.


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