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<toolbar> element in helpset file


The discoverer.hs helpset file in demodoc has a <wintype> element as part of the helpset file:

<wintype default=false>
<title>Discoverer User Interface</title>

The <toolbar> value 1ec00 should specify that the topic window has the following buttons: Navigator, Print, Back, Forward, Search, Dock and Undock. However, when you bring up the discoverer helpset, the Discoverer User Interface topic window does not have a Search button. In fact, no matter what values you specify in the <toolbar> element, the topic windows always have the Navigator, Backward/Forward, Print, Dock and Undock buttons. We also tried the example in the Oracle Help Manual...


which the manual says should have the Print, Back and Forward buttons, but that topic window came up with the same Navigator, Back, Forward, Print, Dock and Undock.

Is this element ignored? What other things influence the buttons displayed on the topic window?


Elizabeth Dyer.


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    89524 Member Posts: 13

    <toolbar> is not implemented in Oracle Help for Java.

    This should be documented in the Oracle Help Guide and we have filed this is a bug in our documentation.

    Sorry about the confusion.


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