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MySQL Community Award Programs

Lenka Kasparova-Oracle
Lenka Kasparova-Oracle Member Posts: 21 Employee
edited Jun 13, 2019 6:30AM in MySQL Community Space

We, as a Community Team would like to thank to all people who are hardly helping us to improve MySQL, giving us a feedback, writing blogs and contribute to MySQL. Above some special actions and offers to the MySQL User Groups we also started running a new MySQL 5.7 Community Contributor Award program, please see info below.

Check also MySQL Special Action page for more information about what we do.

MySQL Community Contributor Award Program 2018!

After some time we refreshed the Award Program for rewarding the most active community members. We as MySQL Community Team @Oracle would like to thank to all contributors who are helping us to improve MySQL!

See winners from 2019 here.

MySQL 5.7 Community Contributor Award Program 2015!

In the March 2015 the MySQL Community team announced a new award program called "MySQL 5.7 Community Contributor Award Program” where we wanted to identify & reward the most active community members / contributors / active bloggers from the MySQL community world. The first winners have been already identified and awarded, you can check the blog announcement below. Those winners met some of the following criteria:

  1. The most active code contributor
  2. Bug reporter
  3. The most active MySQL blogger
  4. People who play very active role in translation/documentation of MySQL articles
  5. People who provide feedback on DMR releases, Labs releases, or change proposals

We printed a limited edition of “MySQL 5.7 Community Contributor” really nice polo t-shirts for this program.