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Java User Groups (JUG) Incubator Wiki

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Java User Groups (JUG) Incubator Wiki

LAST UPDATE: 29 May 2012

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Java Users Group Community

Congratulations on your new JUG incubator project. You have joined a worldwide group of Java leaders whose goal is to promote the Java technology ecosystem.

You, as a new JUG leader, have begun a worthwhile effort to engage your community whether local, regional, or virtual to promote education and sharing of ideas about Java, and camaraderie. A number of JUG leaders have done this before you. We are available to help you in your endeavor. Feel free to contact the Community Leaders, Java Champions, or other JUG Leaders to help you.

We ARE a community, and without new leaders and new ideas our global community would become stagnant. It is through you and your new group that Java innovation continues to lead the development world.

Creating a JUG requires effort to set up, but as your JUG community grows your community can assist you in your efforts. We want to make the beginning part of your journey through our process simple. We have a couple of requirements to get your group through incubation, and become part of the greater JUG community.

Please take the time to complete these tasks as quickly as possible since you have already made your initial commitment.

John Yeary, Java Users Groups Community Leader


To graduate your project from the incubator, please complete the following items:

  • Include at least the following information on your JUG's description:
    • Location and activity area, or the information that it is a virtual JUG
    • KML data for Google Maps. We will add your JUG to the JUG Map on the main Java Users Groups page.
    • JUG Logo: You can upload one into your project.
      • Note: If you don't have one, it is okay. We understand that you are just starting out.
    • JUG web site (if you have one different from This can be just a link from your logo if you prefer.
      • Note: if you are an externally liked site, we have a couple of additional requirements:
        • Add a member banner to your site to let potential members know you are part of the JUG community
        • If your site is done in a native language (which we encourage), please provide an English translation of your groups name and description. This is for the community leaders who are international and may not be able to understand it to approve it.
        • Information about your mailing lists or forum. Information on how to participate in your JUGs discussions. This can be a link to a web page on your site, subscription information, a link to your lists in, a link to another site were your lists are stored (Yahoo Groups or any other), or a link to your online forum.
    • Next meeting. This should be a link were users can get more information on your next meeting. This is required if you are a presence JUG. Please include location and directions preferably using a map such as Google Maps, or Yahoo Maps for providing this information. Virtual JUGs usually don't have meetings, but if yours does, please post the information.
    • State what you intend to do in your project.

You can use to host your mailing lists, or your development projects. Maybe you want to use Subversion to store your web-site content, or the file sharing to provide access to your groups's presentations and meeting notes. This is your project, do as you wish. Just let your users know what your intentions are. Put this information in your website, or wiki if you add one.

It is strongly recommended that you join the JUG Leaders mailing list. This is the list where we discuss the activities of the world wide JUGs Community.

To help you do these tasks, refer to these step by step instructions. If you need help in doing those things, please contact the JUG Community Leaders.

When you have completed all the above requirements, and your project is ready to graduate, please contact one of the JUG Community Leaders . We will evaluate and graduate your JUG, and post the news to the JUGs Community web site, and let everybody know of your group.


A nice tool for scheduling and advertising events is the JUG Events site. It allows you to schedule, and track your events. This schedule will be posted to the main JUG calendar on the JUG Community site.