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How To Add A JUG To The JUG Leaders Map

brjavaman Member Posts: 47
edited Apr 9, 2016 10:38PM in Java User Group Resources

Java User Groups International Map

You can see this KML file loaded into Google Maps here.

This map has become the official JUG Profiles Page for the JUGs Community on There are many JUGs on the map already and we are adding more on almost a daily basis lately. Keep them coming!

Adding Your JUG To The Map

Here is the XML that defines the Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG entry on the map:

    <Placemark> <name>Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG</name> <description> <![CDATA[ Up to a maximum of 250 characters of general group description text can precede the JUG Leader and JUG Site information.<br/> <b>Leaders:</b> <a href="">Mike Van Riper</a> and <a href="mailto:[email protected]">Kevin Nilson</a> <br/> <b>Site:</b> ]]> </description> <Point> <coordinates>-122.050766,37.392958,0</coordinates> </Point> <styleUrl>#jugStyle</styleUrl> </Placemark> 

The coordinates are expected in the following order: longitude, latitude, altitude. Please remember many resources list the latitude first, but KML needs the longitude first.

The name is not allowed to have any HTML markup in it.

It is optional to attach a link to each leaders name in the description text. Because this is embedded in an XML document, you need to use CDATA sections as shown to add the links.

When you have the XML for your JUG Placemark ready, you can email it to the [[email protected] ] JUG leaders list.

Please include the name of the JUG in the subject of your message and prepend [MAP] in the subject line of your message. Multiple volunteers are now helping to update the world map KML file. An example of a well formed subject would be:

Subject: [MAP] Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG Placemark

In addition to the Placemark XML snippet, please include the name of the country where the JUG is located. This is not always obvious from the Placemark data. Thanks!

NOTE: If you can't submit the information to the JUG Leaders List, you can send it directly to Van Riper. However, this is only as a last resort. It is much preferred that you use our community mailing list instead. Any logged in user can subscribe to the JUG Leaders List.

Geocoding Services

For the US, this service should do the trick:

Outside the US, the one free international geocoding service that I have used so far is described here:

As an example, here is the REST request to get the latitude/longitude values for Jakarta, Indonesia:

And the result you get back in the browser is:

   -6.174444,106.829444,Jakarta,Jakarta Raya,Indonesia

Please note that the response comes back with latitude as first value and longitude as the second value. In the KML file XML format, the values are expected in the opposite order. So, you need to reverse the order when placing them in your XML snippet for your Placemark. In this example, the resulting coordinates element with altitude set to zero would be:


The reason for the altitude value is because KML files can be used with Google Earth and/or Google Maps. For Google Maps, it is fine to omit the altitude value or set it to a default value of zero. For data intended to use with Google Earth, you would obviously want to provide an accurate altitude for your location for proper mapping onto Google Earth.

The old site that explains how to add JUGs to the map did retire and won't be further maintained.