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brjavaman Member Posts: 47
edited Apr 9, 2016 10:39PM in Java User Group Resources


This page is for coordinating efforts to come up with a new global calendering/events system for JUGs to share.

Use Case / User Stories

  1. Bob would like to know if there is a JUG event on when he is travelling to location X. Possibly on a map.
  2. Alice wants to know how many JUG events happen over a time period X
  3. Charlie wants to advertise his JUG's event to a global audience
  4. Bob wants to keep using his existing calendaring system, but is happy to export the events
  5. Alice wants the events to be easily searchable via Google
  6. Charlie wants to know what types of events he can go to (taxonomy)
  7. Alice wants to know if a rockstar speaker has a talk in the vicinity and might be interested to do a presentation for her own group as well.

Existing systems