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New Release: 19.3.3. Lots of features! Try it out and let us know what you think

Christian.Shay -Oracle
Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 2,199 Employee

Please let me know what you think.

We have added SQL*Plus support. See these web pages:

SQL*Plus common commands:

SQL*Plus Reference:

More features from the changelog:

Changes in version 19.3.3

  • Connection Dialog enhancements: Set/Change the current schema, improved proxy user connection UI
  • Improved connection failure detection with an option to reconnect
  • Support for macOS connections to Oracle Autonomous Database over TLS
  • Support for database connections using LDAP
  • Browse other schemas ("Other Users" node) in Oracle Explorer tree control
  • SQL History and Bookmarks
  • Limited SQL*Plus support
  • Detection and warning of unsupported SQL*Plus commands in scripts (and child scripts)
  • SQL*Plus CONNECT command associates the file with a connection
  • Preservation of all session associated properties from execution to execution
  • Autocommit On/Off setting
  • Autocompletion of SQL*Plus commands
  • Autocompletion of procedure/function parameters
  • Intellisense/Autocomplete performance enhancements
  • Syntax coloring for SQL and PL/SQL keywords and SQL*Plus commands/variables
  • Append new results to existing results window
  • Toolbar buttons to cancel running query and to clear results window
  • Setting to automatically clear results window after each execution
  • Remember previous selections in some UI elements and offer as defaults
  • Support for REFCURSOR variables and implicit cursors
  • Visual Studio Code theme support for Light/Dark/High Contrast themes