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New Release: 19.3.3. Lots of features! Try it out and let us know what you think



  • Hi,

    I discover this extension today and seems very promising to me.

    I can connect to a 19.3 oracle database using tns without problems and execute queries.

    The Oracle Explorer works with Tables, Views, ... but in my case it is not able to list Packages, getting the error:

    ORA-00904: "SELTAB"."SUBOBJECT_NAME": invalid identifier

    Any idea what is happening?


  • Could you please tell me the version of the database you are connecting to and what OS you are using for VS Code?

    Then, please:

    1) Go to visual studio code Settings for Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code and

    a) Check "Enable Logging"

    b) Set Logging Level to "Information"

    2) Close and reopen vscode

    3) Reproduce the issue

    4) From cmd palette (F1), enter"Developer: Open Extension Logs Folder". It will open file explorer. Look in "Oracle.oracledevtools" folder.

    5) close vscode.

    6) after closing vscode, Please email me all files shown in the "Oracle.oracledevtools" folder at email address: christianDOTshayAToracleDOTcom

  • user510735
    user510735 Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon
    edited Oct 23, 2020 6:04PM

    When will it be possible to run debug directly on VSCode ? I need to get rid of tools such as PL/SQL Developer

  • Hi, are you referring to PL/SQL debugging? If so, this is slated for a future release but we are not sure when at this time.

  • user510735
    user510735 Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Christian.Shay -Oracle,

    You already gave me great news!

  • User_WP7OZ
    User_WP7OZ Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon


    I cant find this new feature:

    • Setting to automatically clear results window after each execution

    How can I enable this?

  • User_6BTKC
    User_6BTKC Member Posts: 33 Green Ribbon


    Maybe I am missing something but are materialized views not available in the explorer in VS Code in the new update?

  • User_6BTKC
    User_6BTKC Member Posts: 33 Green Ribbon


    Now that I've had some good time to toy around with the update for a bit at work I wanted to provide some feedback.

    All in all this is a great update. My work's Oracle servers are located physically far away from me. The latency causes some issues for SQL developer on my laptop. We also use some non oracle databases so being in once place more often is helpful to me. This update gets the VS code support to a point where I can live in VS code for maybe 90% of my oracle work.


    • My oracle databases are located physically very far away from me so network latency causes some hiccups for sql developer. The VS code extension handles these interruptions better and crashes basically never where sql developer sometimes does.
    • Code completion is far faster than in SQL developer.
    • The ability to use some of my snippets from other environments without having to import them into another format is wonderful.
    • The SQL plus support is also great, we use SQL plus to do our live deployments and being able to have good completion and highlighting there has been wonderful.

    Requests for enhancement:

    • The object explorer is much improved with the other users/schemas. The edit in place functionality and commiting back to the database also seems to be working much faster. The only gap here is that some of the objects (Materialized Views for one) are not there. If the explorer could match all the objects SQL Developer shows that would be amazing.
    • Autocompletion/Intelisense comprehension of alias table names (and if possible variables in loops)
    • It would be great to be able to pre-stage some Intelisense completion too as a setting, something like load data for certain schemas in each database's entry. That way we can have the parser bring in some common schemas right away rather than waiting once we reference them.
    • Integration with the sever to client PLSQL debugger would be amazing, this is basically all I go into SQL Developer for right now
    Eduardo M. Dantas
  • User_0GZN5
    User_0GZN5 Member Posts: 3 Red Ribbon
    edited Nov 19, 2020 8:40PM

    Great update for sure.

    I do find the dark blue highlighting with black characters as very difficult to read. is the dark blue highlighting something that can be changed? or is it set somewhere else in VS Code?

    I also notice that the number of rows in the result window seems to always be one less than the actual number of rows returned. as a result, if I get two rows returned, the grid of results shows the header row and then the first row of the results, but hiding the second. As a result, I have to try and scroll between the two rows and I am unable to see both rows at the same time. I have reset the # of rows in the results to 25, but this has not helped.



  • Hi in the VS Code settings go to Extensions->Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code Configuration and then check off Query: Clear Results Window.

    There's also a clear results window icon in the tab for the results window.