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Synonyms not saved anymore in Physical Model on Import Data Dictionary (19.4 and 20.2)


For a special delivery developers have created a new schema containing ~60 Synonyms to existing Views in other schemas.

Updating the existing data model with Synonyms fails with data modeler version 20.2 and 19.4.

I had to switch back to 18.4 to achieve the update of the existing data model with the new "Unknown Synonyms".

Within the import dialog the new Synonyms are listed as New and are detected. Hitting the Merge button does not save the changes in the design.

Performing the same activity within 18.4 does save the synonyms after the merge.

SInce there was a discussion on Supporting formats via Save As. I did Save As in 20.2, Data Import, Merge and Synonyms are not saved in Design.

I assume it is an Bug related to designs initially created with an older version of the datamodeler.

Creating a new design did show all synonyms, but I did not test any "Update" activities. Since I have to maintain for documentation purposes 80+ Subviews starting from scratch is not an option, I will stick on 18.4

Thx in advance for any input on how to resolve my problem



  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,420 Employee


    thanks for reporting the problem. I logged a bug.

    The problem is in merging. Synonyms are stored in target object - that means that in current version you cannot save synonym if target object (the one in FOR clause) is not in the model.


  • SchwabW
    SchwabW Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon


    Thank you for your answer. Do you haven an ETA for a fix ?

    One of my long term tasks on Todo list is documenting how "external" views to be used by customer relate to each other. The new feature implied foreign keys from 19.4 is perfect for this task, but cannot be used in 18.4.