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Date field validation in APEX 20.2

Tony Andrews
Tony Andrews Member Posts: 534 Bronze Badge

I am trying out APEX 20.2 on I have an application with the Application Date Format set to 'DD/MM/YYYY'. However, whenever I attempt save any form that includes a date field, I get the error "<item> does not match format DD-MON-RR". This didn't happen before the upgrade, is it a bug? The forms use PL/SQL processes to update the database, not native APEX forms.


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  • Tony Andrews
    Tony Andrews Member Posts: 534 Bronze Badge

    Hi Carsten,

    Thank you - you are correct on both counts!


  • Carsten Czarski-Oracle
    Carsten Czarski-Oracle Consulting Member of technical Staff Munich, GermanyMember Posts: 1,318 Employee

    Hi Tony,

    thank you for reporting this. We are tracking this issue as bug 32007686.

    Best regards


    Toufiq - Hexagon PPM
  • Cuneyt-Juno
    Cuneyt-Juno Member Posts: 11 Green Ribbon

    Hi Tony,

    Is your problem solved? As far as I know the APEX date_picker item is actually a "text" item. What I mean is, its data_type is not date. So when I call a PL/SQL procedure or write an APEX custom process I make sure that I convert the APEX date_picker item like this.

    accounting_pkg.debit_account(:P600_CUSTOMER_NO,:P600_AMOUNT, to_date(:P600_TRANSACTION_DATE,'DD/MM/YYYY')).

    I hope this helps.



  • user1.0
    user1.0 Member Posts: 95 Red Ribbon

    I am having a similar issue.

    Apex 19.2

    Page item is of type Date Picker

    When I submit the page without entering a date I get an error saying the date does not match the format MM/DD/YYYY.

    If I select a date I do not get the error.

    The date is not required.

    There is no validation on the page item and I commented out all my code to test this.

    This is the back trace:

    • error_backtrace:
    • ----- PL/SQL Call Stack -----
    • object line object
    • handle number name
    • 3ce2349d8 1033 package body APEX_190200.WWV_FLOW_ERROR.INTERNAL_GET_ERROR
    • 3ce2349d8 1101 package body APEX_190200.WWV_FLOW_ERROR.INTERNAL_ADD_ERROR
    • 3ce2349d8 1178 package body APEX_190200.WWV_FLOW_ERROR.ADD_ERROR
    • 3c2784e50 676 package body APEX_190200.WWV_FLOW_VALIDATION.PERFORM_BASIC_VALIDATIONS
    • 3c2784e50 1013 package body APEX_190200.WWV_FLOW_VALIDATION.PERFORM
    • 3c3fbd5f8 5711 package body APEX_190200.WWV_FLOW.ACCEPT
    • 3c4aed078 2 anonymous block