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Exception when OracleConnection.ClientInfo contains Umlaut

LeChuckLeChuck Posts: 10 Red Ribbon

We use OracleConnection.ClientInfo to set the CLIENT_INFO of the session. According to documentation, this value piggybacks with the next message to the Oracle server.

However, if ClientInfo contains any "Umlaut" characters (e.g. "ä", ö", "ü"), an exception is thrown whenever this next message to the server happens (e.g. on the next query).

We get an Oracle.ManagedDataAccess .Client.OracleConnection which has an inner exception of OracleInternal.Network.NetworkException which represents ORA-12537 Network Session: End Of File

var oracleConnection = new OracleConnection(connectionString);

oracleConnection.ClientInfo = "München"; // "Munich" would work

// next query gets an exception

CLIENT_INFO itself apparently supports Umlaut characters, because setting CLIENT_INFO in a stored procedure works and doesn't give an exception. This seems to be an issue inside the C# implementation.

I'm using the nuget "Oracle.ManagedDataAccess" 18.3.0




  • Alex Keh-OracleAlex Keh-Oracle Posts: 2,720 Employee

    I was able to reproduce this issue in the latest managed ODP.NET 19.9. I filed bug 32016802 to track this issue and get it resolved. Thanks for reporting it.

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