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SHA256 checksum_types with OpenJDK and OJDBC8


we have an application which is using OpenJDK 1.8..0 with ojdcb8.jar and is unable to connect to our 19c databases because we are enforcing SHA256 for datatype integrity by setting this in the sqlnet.ora on the server side:

sqlnet.crypto_checksum_server    = REQUIRED

sqlnet.crypto_checksum_types_server = (SHA256, SHA384, SHA512)

This is a requirement by our security standards and cannot be changed. All applications which are using Oracle JDK8 and ojdbc8.jar can connect without modification, it just works.

Which is why we question if maybe OpenJDK 8 is not supported with ojdbc8 or if special settings need to be configured for it to work, does anyone have experience with that? When we allow SHA1 the application can connect, it has only troubles with SHA256.