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Live Labs - Issues in Workshop "Modernize and Extend Legacy Apps in the Oracle Cloud Workshop"

User_ZXK9S Member Posts: 1 Employee
edited Oct 20, 2020 4:47AM in LiveLabs Discussions

URL for the workshop ""

Issue 1 :- "Setup Cloud Environment" --> "Step 4: Lets create OKE" --> Instruction 3, it is given that "enable Kubernetes Dashboard" from the Wizard. I am using OKE Version v1.17.9 and here there is no option to enable Kubernetes dashboard from Wizard. The way it could be done is run the command kubectl apply -f and then access the dashboard at http://localhost:8001/api/v1/namespaces/kubernetes-dashboard/services/https:kubernetes-dashboard:/proxy/

Issue 2 :- Lab 2 :- Building, Containerizing Java REST services

When Virtual Machine Template is Created, name of New VM Template is "VBS-Template" as per screenshot.

However, later when VM is created, template selected is called "Docker-kubernetes-template" and it is mentioned that it is just now created. This is wrong.

This should be "VBS-Template" while creating VM.

Issue 3 :- Lab 4 Low Code, Microservice Mobile Development :- From Step 3 ONWARDS, there are few instructions which do not match with the VBCS UI that we have now. May be this is a bit dated. May I request the author to review all steps from STEP 3 ONWARDS please.    JUST ONE example is STEP 5: Configure details page to show product details --> Intruction 3 --> There click on Call REST Endpoint and finally click on Select Endpoint. Select Endpoint link is not found. For your information I am using Chrome browser and also tried the same in Firefox as well.

Kindly help.

Thanks and regards

Kallol Chaudhuri


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