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Removing an attribute

I'm trying out SDDM (v20.2) for a new project but I keep running into (simple?) problems.

Latest problem: If I remove an Attribute from a logical entity, it still shows up in the engineered relational model.

How do I tell SDDM to always "engineer from scratch"?

This "feature" would be fine after the data model was pushed into production. But, I'm still working things out. (including learning this tool)



Best Answer


  • jflack
    jflack Member Posts: 1,520 Bronze Trophy

    You could always delete the relational model and then engineer from logical. I tend not to do engineer to relational until my logical model is pretty solid.

    Seriously, tomorrow I may have a chance to switch from my work computer (at work, we have an existing DB so not doing any design work) to my home one and I'll fool around with it to see if there is a better answer to your question.

  • Mike Kutz
    Mike Kutz Member Posts: 6,195 Silver Crown


    I'm still starting out on SDDM.

    I "engineer to relational" then "generate DDL" just to make sure all of my settings are to my liking. (naming convention, etc.). Its that first step that was giving problems.

    Philip's answer was pretty useful. I don't think things could be faster then that. If so, I'd love to hear about it.

    You'll probably see a few more "help!" posts from me later on.

    Thanks for the help.