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Anyone any hint? ---> Oracle ADF + (Tomcat 9 or Payara Server)?

User_BX4AJ Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

Dear Oracle-Community,

if you have any experiences with Oracle ADF, Tomcat and / or Glassfish and / or Papaya Server, I like to ask you some Questions:

Have you tried Tomcat 9 yet? What are your worst / best experience you made with Tomcat at all?

Do you prefere Glassfish or Papaya Server?

We are at a point where we want some information on bothe so we can test further and decide our future way.

Thank you all for your opinions and experiences.

If you know some ressources that don't end up like "databasedevelop"-Webpage I will appreciate that very much.

Best wishes and stay healthy,

Marco Hetzel


  • max666
    max666 Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
    edited Dec 8, 2020 7:36AM

    We are using Eclipse Glassfish 5.1 and runs pretty stable.

    Have tried deployment to Tomcat9 out of curiosity but it was bumpy road. Got it running eventually but needs lot of patience. Can't say anything about stability because it was just a test.