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Intermittently getting Multistep OLEDB Generated Errors

user613363 Member Posts: 9 Blue Ribbon

I am supporting an Access application on Windows 10. I've migrated from the Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle to the Oracle 11C ODBC driver. Since then, I've noticed a number of Multistep OLEDB Generated errors occuring. I've heard that this has to do with datatype mismatches, particularly with numeric datatypes.

This error message isn't that helpful.

It's a 32-bit Oracle ODBC driver The backend database is in Oracle 9i. This application calls a lot of Oracle procedures and uses ADO 2.1 to access the database. Yes, this app is OLD. Are there any ODBC properties I can tweak in the 32-bit ODBC Administrator dialog box that can help me out? One thing I did was turn off the query timeout, which seemed to help. I'm also providing a precision and scale for any inputoutput parameter that's specified as adNumeric (ADO).