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ORA-01017: invalid username/password error over VPN


I am trying to connect to my client's oracle database (12c) over a VPN. I keep getting the following error

 ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied.

My schema password is something like AaBbCcDd

However other developers are able to successfully use the same db credentials to connect to the database from other remote locations.

I tried connecting to the scott/tiger schema and it works. I suspect that somehow my terminal is not able to transmit the password in the oriignal multicase format which I am typing in, and is transforming it to a single case (either all small or all caps). "tiger" works because it is a singel case password.

Appreciate any help in establishing the connectivity.




  • evgenygevgenyg Posts: 284 Blue Ribbon

    How you trying to connect? which tool? Did you tried to use " around the password?

  • vgeorgevgeorge Posts: 4 Red Ribbon

    Issue is resolved, it was a credential error

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