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ords - oauth2 callback url

hello, i am new here and have a question to implement oauth2 webflow.

The context is, that a partner site will have a redirect_url from me to send me the credentials.

I have to create a callback url to follow the oauth2 webflow.

The workflow will be:

a) open the partner site to login with username / password (=web link https://partner_url/login)

b) partner site will generate a code and POST this to my redirect_url (=POST https://redirect_url/....?code=abcdefg)

c) my site should be save this code (client ID) to the database and do a new POST to the partner site to get the beareer Access Token (new POST https://partner_url?code=abcdefg)

d) getting the new bearer Access Token and save it to the database.

How could i solve this issue ?