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user10374756user10374756 Posts: 15 Blue Ribbon

Good morning,

I'm running an application on a Windows 2019 Server with ODAC xCopy 18c (ODAC183Xcopy_x64).

The very same configuration runs without any issue on a Windows 2012 Server and on a Windows 2012 R2 Server.

With Win 2019 I'm getting the error in the subject.

The Server is brand new and so no old ODAC.

Uninstalled & Reinstalled may times with no luck.

Any hints?



  • Alex Keh-OracleAlex Keh-Oracle Posts: 2,720 Employee

    I recommend upgrading to ODAC 19c. 18c was not tested/certified on Windows Server 2019 as the OS was released after this ODAC version was released. ODAC 19c is certified on Windows 2019.

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