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Why is OSDDM changing vid_source and vid_target attributes?

I have a large data model that is stored in Git and shared between multiple developers.

We see that OSDDM tend to make changes in some of the files even if we have not done any changes. The only action has been to open the diagrams.

Below is an example of the filename and a element that is normally changed. The change it self is the vid_source and/or vid_target attribute, which get new values each time. Can be the same user that opens the model twice in a row. For this specific file it is done on more then 200 elements. 

Now we wonder why this is happening and if this is something to worry about before we commit the code?  

Example file: rel/8A10EA6F-C84D4C5B78CA/subviews/6A169EF2-A93D-D314-4E5F-4C3BCDF7943A.xml

Example element: <Connector class="oracle.dbtools.crest.swingui.relational.TVFKRelation" oid="0217FD94-23E7-E0C0-F1D8-D200BFEC9849" otype="FKIndexAssociation" vid_source="B2859BE6-7357-DD51-8453-E12AA08A030A" vid_target="2DB62A7F-2E52-4031-6E7C-12DB3064D8C9">

Thanks, Kaj


  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,329 Employee

    Hi Kaj,

    I cannot reproduce it. Opening diagram doesn't change its status, so even if you save just opened design diagram won't be saved.

    And we don't change those vid_source and vid_target - if we change them then diagram cannot be restored as it is. It could happen if referred table has graphical synonym on diagram and foreign key is connected to that synonym. Then if referred synonym disappear (cannot be created) the foreign key will be rerouted to another presentation of that table.

    What is DM version, OS, JDK?


  • KajSellin
    KajSellin Member Posts: 5 Green Ribbon
    edited November 2020

    Thanks for you reply, Philip!

    I am running on windows with below versions:

    • Java(TM) Platform 1.8.0_212
    • Oracle IDE
    • Versioning Support

    We do have multiple views and subviews, and this only seem to happen to one of the views. Is there a way to identify which objects that is effected by the change? I have tried to search for the different ID's, but I am having a hard time identifying what actually has changed.

    Another note that might be relevant, is that this model was create by OSDDM v4 and has only recently been upgraded to v20.

    Thanks, Kaj

  • KajSellin
    KajSellin Member Posts: 5 Green Ribbon

    The problem seem to be related to the main subview of one of our relational models, in our old data model based on version v4.

    After copying the relational model to a new one, or converting it to a logical model and back, the problem seems to go away by itself. This ended up being our workaround for the problem. Unfortunately we did loose some of the relations and/or properties, depending on the method, which we needed to recreate manually.

  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,329 Employee

    you can try to merge the older model into new one you created


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