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ODBC Timestamp {ts 'date and time string'} Issue

User_WCK0Y Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hello Everyone,

We are having a problem with the Oracle Instant Client, version 19.8.0 through ODBC. Both zip files are used to install the ODBC (e.g. and

No matter how many fractional second digits are used, the database always has zeros. For example,

INSERT INTO "TableTest" ("UTC Time") VALUES ({ts'2020-11-11 17:52:21.123456789'});

The fractional contents of the UTC Time column inside the TableTest are always zero. In other words, the data stored in the TIMESTAMP(6) column are

2020-11-11 17:52:21.000000000

Is there anything in the Instant Client configuration to cause this writing issue? Reading a TIMESTAMP(6) column, with non-zero fractional second digits, works perfectly.

No error message occurs when executing the insert using the ODBC {ts 'date and time string'} syntax. The 11g tag is relevant. It is the Oracle database version used. Some customers may be using that instead of the more recent releases.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.