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Apex 20.1 Complex What-If Scenario Analysis

hiddenonearth Member Posts: 93 Red Ribbon
edited Nov 15, 2020 2:03PM in APEX Discussions


i am facing an complex issue where when event changes on a time series (year basis) it has an minor or mayor affect on the other following events and finally on the defined target. Meaning that when one event changes on the monetary status or any other status then to following events needs to be changed afterwards since all the events are connected and dependend (and are in relations) and belong to a bigger picture. I am talking here about running some what-if analysis on changing data.

Does anyone has an idea on how to approach this problem in an Oracle Apex workaround with PL/SQL or can recommend a way to start or tackle this problem since I need faced such issue.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



  • InoL
    InoL Member Posts: 9,993 Gold Crown

    I don't see this as an Apex problem, which is a tool for creating web applications. It's not even specifically a plsql problem. It's a general technical software design problem.

    Create programs for the smallest steps (your 1, 2, 3 etc)

    Define the rules for the order in which these are called.

    In plsql you may use dbms_scheduler chains to run program units in a specific order. You can also define events so subsequent jobs wait for other job(s) to finish first.

  • hiddenonearth
    hiddenonearth Member Posts: 93 Red Ribbon
    edited Nov 15, 2020 11:22AM

    Thanks for the response. What I basically try to achieve are multiple what-if analysis for different scenarios like a Simulation of different outcomes within Oracle Apex. I hope this makes it clearier.