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How to import a HTML version of an AWR into an Oracle Database?

User_M4H2K Member Posts: 3
edited Nov 17, 2020 4:57PM in General Database Discussions


How do I import an HTML version of an AWR into an Oracle database so at the end I would get one table with data from the "IO Profile" table, another for "Memory Statistics", another for "Cache Sizes" and so on?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best Answer


  • evgenyg
    evgenyg Member Posts: 337 Bronze Badge

    You have over 100 DBA_HIST% views that hold the data.

    So you may want to go through the views and write selects that extract you the relevant information into tables.

    Or you may write some program that would parse html/txt file of report and extract relevant information from there.

    It would be interesting exercise I think. But what problem you are trying to resolve?


  • Hi, thanks for the reply.

    Ideally, I would get the AWR data stored inside a database over time so I'll end up with a huge database worth for the last 6 months of hourly reports or so, then I could retrieve this historical data as needed using a programing language.

    I want to easily get access to the information I need about the past behavior without having to dig into past AWRs or having to keep on storing old AWR.